Seminar in Prizren

Seminars to present the works on a potential Sharri cheese GI file


  • INAO : Mme Stéphanie DUCHET, GI trainer and legal advisor
  • ​KsIIP: Veli Hoti, Director of the Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property​
  • CIHEAM/IAMM: Mr. François LERIN, Biodiv Balkan programme coordinator
  • Elise CHAU and Jimmy BALOUZAT, agronomist students, field researchers on Sharri cheese

Thursday, 7. December 2017

10h-13h00: Seminar in Prizren with Sharri cheese producers, representatives of the Ministry of agriculture and French embassy


  • explain the state of play in Kosovo on the legal, institutional and practical sides (alignment to EU acquis, producer association; );
  • present the final results of the research and field work undertaking during the Summer 2017;
    present and discuss the policy paper (strategic note) including a description of the next steps
  • towards granting a GI to Sharri Cheese.

14h00-17h00: further methodological support and discussion to Sharri cheese producers: product definition, terms of reference for a GI; geographical delimitation

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