Seminar with Sharri Cheese Association in Prizren

Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property, along with its partners French Embassy in Prishtina and BiodivBalkans Project organized the workshop on “Building a Geographical Indication for the Sharri cheese – Operational discussion workshop”.

Two French Researchers and one Kosovar one, worked closely with Sharri Cheese Producers in the Sharri Region, thus, to identify the product specifications of the Sharri Cheese – soon to be protected as Geographical Indications. The aim of this workshop was to further discuss the main findings of the Research Paper, which shall help the Sharri Cheese Association draft the Book of Requirements and the Product Specifications.

Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property was in charge of supervising the work and the research project activities of the three above mentioned researchers.

The project “Agrarian system analysis and actors’ collective action for building a Geographical Indication file on Sharri Cheese” was organized in cooperation with the BiodivBalkans project, funded by the French Fund for World Environment (FFEM) & co-implemented by MADA, CIHEAM-IAMM – an intergovernmental organization dedicated to agriculture and rural development in the Mediterranean, with the support of The Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-food, and Forestry of France, the French network of public agricultural expertise, food and rural development, with the support of the French Embassy in Kosovo, in relation with Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property – a non-for-profit association aiming to promote the intellectual property rights in Kosovo and in the region.

Prizren, 7th of December 2017

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