Kosovo in the process of registering it’s first geographic indication

The Project Manager of the Kosovo Institute for Intellectual Property, Mr. Plorat Pervizaj, took part at the meeting organized and hosted by the Director of the Industrial Property Agency, Mr. Nezir Gashi and the Attaché for Cooperation from the Embassy of France in Kosovo, Mr. Joseph Giustiniani. (Pristina, 31th October 2018)

KsIIP, French Embassy and Ministry of Trade and Industry meeting

The Director of the Institute, Mr. Hoti, along with Head of Cooperation of the French Embassy in Kosovo Mr. Giuistiniani had a meeting with Mr. Faton Thaqi, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. (Pristina, 6th of February 2018)

French Ambassador and Director of KsIIP share results of the Sharri Cheese project

His Excellency, Honorable French Ambassador Mr. Didier Chabert opened the Conference named: “Building a Geographical Indication for the Sharri cheese – Operational discussion workshop” and confirmed the French support in the upcoming activities in relation to the further strengthening of the Geographical Indication in Kosovo, to facilitate the protection and registration of the Sharri Cheese as the first domestic GI in Kosovo.

Prishtina, 8th of December 2017

Seminar with Sharri Cheese Association in Prizren

Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property, along with its partners French Embassy in Prishtina and BiodivBalkans Project organized the workshop on “Building a Geographical Indication for the Sharri cheese – Operational discussion workshop”.

Prizren, 7th of December 2017

 Seminar in Pristina

Seminar in Pristina with ministers of Agriculture and Rural Development and Trade and Industry, ministry of agriculture (animal production, EU integration, rural development unit/managing authority, paying agency), ministry of trade and industry (Kosovo Agency for Intellectual Property), Kosovo chamber of commerce. (Friday, 8th December 2017)

 Seminars to present the works on a potential Sharri cheese GI file

– INAO : Mme Stéphanie DUCHET, GI trainer and legal advisor
– KsIIP: Veli Hoti, Director of the Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property​
– CIHEAM/IAMM: Mr. François LERIN, Biodiv Balkan programme coordinator
– Elise CHAU and Jimmy BALOUZAT, agronomist students, field researchers on Sharri cheese. (Thursday, 7th December 2017)

Members of KsIIP assist on the GI of Sharri Cheese

Members of the Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property Institute took part as researchers and interpreters at a Study Visit on Geographical Indications in Kosovo organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development, Agency for Food and Veterinary, AgroParisTech, BioDivBalkan Project, and the French Embassy. (Prizren, 29th of February until 12th of March, 2016)

Kosovo establishes the Association of the Sharri Cheese Producers

On 8 th of November, 2017, in Prizren, farmers coming from the Sharri region have established the “Association of the Sharri Cheese Producers”.

(Prizren, 8th of November, 2017)

Kosovo hosts the first regional Practitioners’ encounter on Geographical Indications in Western Balkan countries – KsIIP co-organized it.

The first regional Practitioners’ encounter on Geographical Indications in Western Balkan countries was organized in Prizren, Kosovo, on November 22 and 23, 2016.  (Prishtina, 25th of November, 2016)


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