About us

KsIIP is as a non-profit Association (NGO) established in Kosovo in 2012 at the Ministry of Public Administration registered under the Law on Freedom of Association.

Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property is a group of Intellectual Property graduates gathered to share their knowledge in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.

KsIIP aims to promote the intellectual property rights in Kosovo and in the region by providing training to professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers as well as students of economics and law.  Additionally, KsIIP conducts researches towards publishing the best IPR practices so that local and regional offices can adapt these IPR practices worldwide.

Tanita Krasniči
Executive Director of the Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property

Tanita is the Executive Director of the KsIIP,  Director and Owner of Kona AL LLC, and Financial Manager and Business Analyst at the LexTrust LLC Law Firm.

Tanita is at the end of advanced master studies in Management Information System and takes part at many educational training to further advance her professional career in Information and Communication Technology.

Tanita may be contact at the following:

E-mail: info@ksiip.com
Phone: +383 49 699 613

KsIIP is consisted of other local and international experts such as:


Luljeta Plakolli – Kasumi PhD
Ass. Prof. at the Faculty of Law, University of Hasan Prishtina in Prishtina

Luljeta Plakolli-Kasumi, PhD, is an experienced lawyer specializing in intellectual property and commercial law, with a notable academic and professional background. As an arbitrator at the Permanent Tribunal of Arbitration at the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, she applies her expertise in a practical setting, influencing the resolution of commercial disputes.

Luljeta’s academic contributions, including teaching at the University of Prishtina and her involvement in projects enhancing Kosovo’s intellectual property rights system, reflect her dedication to legal excellence and innovation. Luljeta’s work with ministries and international organizations showcases her capability to address complex legal challenges, emphasizing her role in advancing legal practices and education in her fields of specialization.

Email: luljetap@gmail.com or luljeta.plakolli@uni-pr.edu
Phone: +383 44 147 825


Attorney at Law, CEO and Managing Partner of LexTrust LLC

Veli is an experienced legal specialist in various national and international projects with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), World Bank Group & International Financial Corporation (IFC), European Knowledge and Technology Transfer Society – EUKTS aisbl in Brussels, European Patent Office (EPO), and several European Union Projects in Kosovo and in the region.

Veli also worked as Lecturer of four Intellectual Property Rights related courses at the University for Business and Technology, in cooperation with University of Warsaw.

Veli is the founding member and the previous Executive Director of the KsIIP.

E-mail: info@lextrust-ks.com
Phone: +383 49 607 093

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