The Producers of Sharri Cheese

Prishtina, March 2019

As of March 2019, the Producers of Sharri Cheese have their own entity. On 1stof March 2019, The Association of the Sharri Cheese Producers is legally established by the Department of the NGO within the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Kosovo. 

The registration number of the Association is: 5117733-9

The mission of the Association of the Sharri Cheese Producers is to promote and consolidate the rights of Sharr’s cheese producers.

In carrying out its mission, the organization will cooperate with similar associations and other regional organizations in the relevant field; organize, in cooperation with other partners or workshops, workshops, seminars, conferences; will improve co-operation between different stakeholders; I will organize research and prepare analyzes regarding Sharr’s cheese; I will look for encouragement opportunities for students to engage in research in the field of Geographic Indicators; and other activities that coincide with the goals of the association.

The establishment of the Association of the Sharri Cheese Producers is supported by the Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property, under the continuous support of the French Embassy in Prishtina.

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